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Berlin Fashion Week 2019: Vivacious German Fashion Trends

Perhaps there is no other way to welcome Year 2019 with Berlin fashion week January 2019! Yes, the German capital & fashion metropolis, Berlin transforms to an International Fashion Stage twice a year. The events attract fashionistas, trade visitors, buyers and media representatives from all over the world.

Germany – though considered an orthodox place, it keeps the cards close to the chest in the fashion world with its vivacious fashion trends! German fashion is eminent for both off-the-rack & custom-made handiworks.

From elegant threads to extraordinary young designs, from giant fashion trade centers to small design & production hubs, Germany radiates German’s love for elegant, distinguished & classic fashion.

Berlin fashion week 2019 provides visitors an ultimate opportunity to interact with Berlin fashion designers & executives about trends, apparel, fashion accessories, cosmetics, makeup, gems & jewelry and branded products.


Berlin fashion week 2019 dates

The Berlin Fashion Week 2019 will get the ball rolling from 15th January 2019 at 9 AM. The event will conclude on 18th January 2019, however the core trade fairs will be held from 15th January to 17th January.

Major highlights of Berlin Fashion Week 2019 include

  • trade fairs, PREMIUM Exhibitions at Berlin station
  • the PANORAMA at Messe Berlin,
  • the Show & Order at Kraftwrek
  • Seek & Bright at Arena Berlin

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Berlin’s New Years Eve – Sybaritic New Year Bash in Berlin

Experience Euphoric Vibes on Berlin’s New Years Eve

Germany’s capital is eminent for its sybaritic parties & underground clubs. The boisterous celebration of Berlin’s New Years Eve hence shouldn’t come as a surprise. Berlin is by far the most popular place in Germany to welcome in the New Year. A short break in Berlin at the turn of the year is increasingly popular among tourists.

New Year’s Eve is the most seraphic period to experience exhilarating euphoric vibes in Germany. So fill the online German Schengen Visa Application Form and fly to Germany to witness ecstatic festive vibes.


Things to do in Berlin on New Year

Are you seeking for some evening entertainment in Berlin? The capital city offers myriad of entertainment options that lands visitors in maddening dilemma. The uniqueness offered by each of these places acts as a power booster & sends shivers down the spine. The exultant celebration with DJs, live bands, and ethereal firework display fascinates millions of tourists from around the globe.


  • Berlin’s New Years eve in Panoramic Clubs:

Berlin is home to ostentatious clubs, illustrious for the high-end culture & hedonism they emulate. On the New Year’s Eve these techno clubs open their doors for feral & uninterrupted parties to ring in New Year to a serious beat. Berlin’s infamous clubs turn up the notch with non-stop, open-for-day’s parties and extravaganzas. The ensuing party continues until dawn of New Year’s Day.

berlin new years eve at Brandenburg Gate

  • Ethereal Firework Display:

New Year’s Eve without deluging the sky with scintillating & colorful fireworks is appalling. People of Berlin are committed to laden the sky with electrifying firework to celebrate the pleasant start to the New Year. The city lifts its ban on the illicit pyrotechnics to let its visitors and locals immerse in the captivating aura of amusement & celebration. The streets ignite in the pandemonium explosion of color, energy & sound.

new year's evening party at berlin

        New Year also known as Silvester by Germans brings residents and visitors on city’s streets to relish the wild night of explosive fireworks, vivacious atmosphere & wild parties.

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Munich – Serene & Magical Destination of Germany


As winter approaches, a certain air of serenity & tranquility descends over Munich. Snowy parks, frozen fountains & mesmerizing Christmas markets add to the beauty of Munich & transform it to a traveler’s paradise.

In case you have never been to Munich before, the capital city of Bavaria has so much up its sleeve than you can ever dream about. And if you have been numerous times already, it appears there is always something new & alluring to discover.

Whether you are an outdoor snow-loving junkie or cherish a serene day curled up in a quilt with a good book, Munich is the perfect destination for you. Apply for Germany Visa UK today to grab the opportunity to visit Munich & cherish magical Christmas holidays.

Here is a list of things to do in Munich. Cherish these activities on your visit to Munich in winters:

1. Stroll through the Christmas Markets of Munich:  The iconic Christmas markets of Munich ranks among the oldest Christmas markets of Germany & are never scarce of visitors and shopaholics. You can witness a long stretch of booths & craft stalls from countless vendors covering a surface area of 20,000 square meters.

The assortment of items include ancient German Christmas decoration items, hand painted glass baubles, nostalgic paper pictures & jackets made from sheepskin. The market vendors offer a range of culinary delicacies like fresh chestnuts, fruit cakes, herb liqueurs, berry mulled wine, baked apples, ginger breads & much more!

2. Travel through the Munich City with the Christmas Tram: When the temperature in Munich drops down below zero degree & the wind is extremely cold, nothing compares to a warm sightseeing tour in Christmas Tram. The Munich Transport Company sends this charming Christmas Tram around the Munich city every year at Advent.
It picks up the tourists from Sendlinger Tor Tram Stop & halts at the same station after 20 minutes of tour through Munich city. The tram is decked with Christmas themed decorative items & MTC serves Gluhwine to the tourists on tram for 6 Euros. Visit Munich tourist attractions & experience magical Christmas Tram journey with Germany Visa UK.

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Christmas Garden Berlin- An Angelic Destination of Germany

After the exuberant and vivacious rush of visitors last year, the magical & dazzling Christmas world of renowned Christmas Garden Berlin is back & has opened its door for 2018-2019 season. Prepare yourselves to get enchanted with the magnificent installations of this festive atmosphere. Apply for Germany Visa UK today and secure your tickets to this angelic destination.

The Christmas Garden Berlin celebrated a gigantic audience success in the last two years more than a quarter million visitors. The visitors spent relaxed time while strolling around in the Christmas Garden & relishing authentic cuisines from local culinary stalls.



This year the magical journey will begin at the twilight of 15th November 2018, wherein the visitors will be taken to an exclusively fabricated world of bright and luminous winter magic. Let us find out why Christmas Garden Berlin holds a special place in everyone’s heart.



The event will be organized at grand Berlin Botanical garden every night from 15th November 2018 to 6th January 2019, welcoming visitors to take a splendid walk through admirably illuminated utopian landscapes. The event incorporates ornate ethereal displays, vibrant dream forests and incandescent figures. You can spend a contemplative evening in the dream surroundings of Christmas Garden Berlin with Germany Visa UK.


The wonderfully lit foliage and greenhouses of Berlin Botanical garden also serve as an alternative to the crowded Christmas Markets. The 1.5 km long circular route offers new and spellbinding light installations, 3D figures themed after Christmas and hundreds of illuminations. In addition to that, lighted sculptures and enchanted woods turn the already impressive gardens into a dreamy venue.

As you take a relaxed walk through the magical atmosphere, you can relish luscious regional food available at several places. You can experience the soothing warmth from fireplaces or try a few pirouettes on 300 square meters ice rink.

One can stroll along the “Field of Lights” where over countless points of light turn the entire Botanical Garden into a colorful galaxy.

christmas garden berlin 2018

An enchantingly illuminated “Tree of Wishes” summons you to write down your wishes and attach them to its branches.

The magical atmosphere of the Amerikasees is back to enchant the visitors once again with its impressive ethereal display.

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Stupendous Festive Journey to German Christmas Markets

Travelling to Germany during winters is seraphic! Biting cold and profuse snowfall! These astounding conditions that prevail in Germany during this season make it an incredible traveler’s paradise.

german christmas market

Embark on an enthralling journey to this breath taking tourist attraction this festive season. Step inside an unforgettable winter wonderland, packed full of magical moments, festive charms & seasonal surprises. Just fill the online Germany Visa Application Form & Apply for Germany Visa now.


Winters are the most magical season of Germany. Germans participate in the series of amazing fun activities & festival celebration to beat the extensive winter chill.

Every city, town, hamlet of Germany is blinged out with Christmas lights, little wooden stalls & German Christmas market ready to sell you everything from hot mulled wine to local handicrafts.


German Christmas Market offer a diverse bouquet of exhilarating entertainment activities such as ethereal display of fireworks, delectable eateries, local handicrafts display, live concerts and a lot more.

1. Dresden:

The Dresden Striezelmarkt is Germany’s oldest Christmas market. The Christmas Market activity in this wonderfully rebuilt city on the River Elbe dates back to 1434- making it arguably the oldest in existence.

Dresden Striezelmarkt schristmas market germany

2. Cologne:

Cologne Cathedral offers a stunning backdrop to German Christmas market. The place is the magnificent Gothic edifice that took more than 600 years to complete & holds the city’s defining feature.


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Immerse in Festive Aura of Jewish Culture Festival

Excited to know what’s on in Germany in the month of November? This time of the year sure gets cold but you can warm up with the heady mix of festive celebration that Germany has to offer. Apply for Germany Visa UK and get swayed in a whirlwind of music and dance, live performances, and much more.

The Jewish Culture Festival in Germany is one such special occasion that attracts visitors from around the world. Dedicated to Jewish history, art, and tradition the celebration is organized by Jewish Association who arrange for various enthralling programs to mesmerize the audience.

Jewish Culture Facts

The Jews are an ancient community originating from the Hebrews & Israelites of the Ancient Near East. They originated as a religious & ethnic group in the Middle East during the second millennium BCE. Jews form a majority in the modern State of Israel.

Jews form a small fraction of the world’s population and are often identified to belong to either Ashkenazim or Sephardim, two major groups of Jewish Culture and History. Ashkenazim or “Germanics” are so named to denote their German Jewish cultural and geographical origins. Sephardim denote their Spanish/Portuguese Jewish cultural and geographic origins.

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History and Custom of All Saints Day | Germany Visa

Germans are intent on preserving the history of Germany through their festival traditions. All round the year, Germans observe festivals for nearly all occasions. Every festival in Germany is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Several of the country’s popular festivals including Oktoberfest, Kinderzeche or Children’s Party, Fasching, Traditional Christmas Markets etc mark Germany’s historical events and are celebrated with revelry, traditional costumes and parades.

German calendar is jam packed with festivities that combine age old customs with modern carousing. Here’s a glimpse of the forthcoming celebration of Germany All Saints Day. Also known as All Hallows’ Day, Feast of All Saints, Hallowmas or Solemnity of All Saints, this day is observed on 1st November to commemorate those deemed by the Catholic Church to have attained sainthood. The period is marked with the bunch of other festival like ‘All Hallows Eve’ celebrated the preceding day. The following day i.e. 2nd November observes ‘All Souls Day’ to remember all the Departed Believers.

The belief behind All Saints Day Celebration varies among different communities. Here are a few reasons for All Saints Day Celebration:

1. All Saints Day and All Souls Day celebration among Christians stems from a belief that there is a powerful spiritual bond between the living and those in heaven.

2. In Catholic theology, All Saints Day commemorates all the departed souls who have attained bliss in heaven.

3. In Methodist theology, All Saints Day prayer is observed on this day to thank God for the lives and deaths of his saints, famous or obscure.

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